Our Mission

Promoting young, credible and vibrant politician for elective positions

Our objectives

  • Promoting good governance and quality leadership among young Nigerians
  • Encouraging and Support Young Nigerians to get into politics and social discuss
  • Encourage youth and Nigerians on the importance of free, fair and credible election
  • Saying no to election ambiguity, violence and manipulation
  • Engaging and advocating restructuring
  • Creating a rendezvous to engaging the young and old politicians in shaping the nation
  • Educating the young and Nigerians to reject politicians of yesteryears for elective positions meant for younger Nigerians
  • Rejecting god-fatherism at all level of governance
  • Discouraging nepotism, tribalism and religious bigotry in governance
  • speaking, and campaigning against bad leadership