About Us

Fresh Nigeria Group (FNG) is a non-partisan initiative driven by young political and social advocates. It is borne out of an urgent need to sensitize and engage Nigerians and young Nigerians on the critical need to liberate themselves from the strong and continuous grip of incompetent and greedy leaders. It’s a platform where young Nigerians comes together to take decision about their future, especially as it relates to politics and their social welfares. Our goal is to advocate the importance of credible, young and cerebral Nigerians into political positions.


There is an urgent need for the young Nigerians to get into politics and governance now. The time to restructure our beloved country Nigeria is now, and this need has never been more critical than today, when our young ones are at the lowest of the socio-economic ladder, then something drastic has to be done. It’s important to note that the Nigerian youth are the majority, even though; we have been deprived of virtually all basic needs.  We are subjected to all kinds of callous acts from uncaring leadership, who enrich themselves, their families and cohorts.


We the young Nigerians at our prime are the most energetic, vibrant, and creative group in Nigeria, and so deserves to be involved in decision making of this country, we need to fully participate in governance and needs to adequately benefit from the country’s prosperity. No more gambling with our future. The narrative must change for our collective good and not for some privileged few. Over the years we have been stripped of our dignity and taken for granted for too long.


Today our young ones commit suicide at will, our girls engage in all manners of vices to survive, our brothers are executed daily in different countries, and Nigerians are now so impatience and intolerant of one another. We can’t continue like this. It’s time for the young Nigerians to take charge of their destiny, by taking charge of the leadership of the country. We can’t afford to see our leaders of yesteryears still running the affairs of this country. That greed is busted, and the shackle of bondage is decimated.


We believe that positive change will only come when the youth finally come together and take charge of their destiny today. We the young Nigerians representing over 60% of the population, will through a democratic channels and vigorous campaign will get the mantle of leadership of this country back to the younger Nigerians. We shall be mobilizing young Nigerians when necessary to sensitize and protest any form of injustice, unfavorably policies against the Nigerian youths. With the consultations of notable elder-state-men across the country, we shall be using our abundant energy and numbers to frustrate any efforts by incompetent, unmerited and selfish persons that attempts to usurp leadership by crook or force. We can no longer continue in this suffering, pains and anguish. Waiting for someone to do it for us will never work. The time is now!


Fresh Nigeria Group is poised to bring that fresh hope and succor to all our youth who are gifted with talents and leadership skills, by providing this group a platform to excel and shine politically.


Finally, we shall commence a thorough sensitization program across the country to educate all eligible voters to get their permanent voters cards (PVC) and go make the difference now.


Join us as we make history by taking charge of government through democratic elections, so we can benefit the abundant resources God has blessed this country with.


God bless Nigeria